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25 Years and Counting
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Our Mission

What We Stand For

To educate students in academic excellence and spiritual wholeness, imparting to them the Biblical principles of servant- leadership so that they will be able to lead their generation with Godly wisdom and integrity.

Our Vision

Teaching the leaders of tomorrow

Lincoln Christian Academy’s students will be strongly committed to Christ and well-grounded in God’s word; able to see the world around them from a Christian viewpoint. Students will understand the concept of servant leadership; being able to say, “Follow me as I follow Christ.” Students will be academically prepared to pursue the higher educational requirements necessary to fulfill their God-given call to a leadership position that honors Christ and furthers God’s kingdom.

to challenge and engage

Phonics based language and traditional math is the emphasis in early elementary.  Literature based history and exploratory science rounds out the core academic subjects.  Art, library, computers, music, and physical education provide exposure to the Arts, technology, and personal health.


Foundational language skills prepare our middle elementary students for our IEW writing program and rigorous grammar curriculum.  Mathematical concepts plunge higher level problem solving, history is brought to life through field trip experiences and scientific experiments engage and deepen the understanding of the world.  Fine arts including drama, computers, and physical education continue to build strength of mind and body. 


Jr. High students deepen their understanding in all subject areas in addition to working both independently and collaboratively to solve problems and discover their leadership skills.  Student body government, spiritual and leadership retreats, field trips and community service opportunities help prepare students for the future God has for them.


Our philosophy

We believe that students will rise to the expectations that are set before them; therefore, Lincoln Christian Academy sets high academic and behavioral standards for our students. We also believe that children must be cognitively ready to grasp new concepts. Chronological age is not necessarily an accurate indication of cognitive development, so students need to be given the opportunity to work at their ability level. Furthermore, learning begins with the concrete and moves toward the abstract. Therefore, we offer as many opportunities as possible for students to experience learning “first-hand” through field trips, guest speakers, and projects. Students learn in different ways, so we offer learning experiences that are visual, auditory and kinesthetic in nature. In addition, we believe that every child exhibits strength in one or more areas of intelligence. Therefore we offer learning experiences that will help children to develop all areas of intelligence.




What People are Saying

We are so happy with the education our children have received at this school! The small class sizes and family oriented environment are wonderful.

We’ve been at this school for 5 years and our family loves it! I seriously can’t say enough about this school…. it’s all fantastic! The faculty always greet you with a smile and always have time to chat. They have small class sizes with extremely caring teachers.  The more individualized attention has helped my kids excel well beyond their grade levels.  My kids get sent home with minimal amounts of homework which is great because it lets them have more family time as well as gives them more time to just be kids and play. They have an outstanding curriculum that includes “normal” math, cursive and art. And the best thing of all…. they learn about God.  This is teaching my kids how to be good, caring, honest, and helpful to others. How, and what, LCA teaches is giving my kids a solid foundation beyond academics – it’s setting them up with a foundation to be successful in life!


My granddaughter attended Community Christian School (now Lincoln Christian Academy) K-6th grade. At the time they only offered thru 6th. She is now 21 years old! Can’t say enough good things.