Show your school spirit by participating with the Student Body Government in


October 30 – November 3


Monday – Crazy Hair Day

  • Come wearing your hair in a crazy style, color, etc.
  • Chapel dress is required.

Tuesday – Sports/Career Day

  • Wear your favorite sports apparel or come dressed as what career you’re interested in.

Wednesday – Pajama Day

  • Come to school in your favorite jammies (Shorts MUST be worn underneath sleep shirts/gowns) and wear regular outdoor shoes.

Thursday – School Colors

  • Classes will show their spirit by wearing our school colors!
  • Kindergarten through Second Grade – wear blue!
  • Third & Fourth – wear yellow!
  • Fifth through Eighth Grade – wear white!

Friday – Mis-Matched Day

  • Come to school in your craziest combination of non-matching clothing – two different shoes, backwards shirts, mis-matched colors, sizes, styles, etc…



  • Shorts and skirts can be no shorter than six-inches above the knee.
  • No inappropriate symbols, blood, skulls or ungodly images anywhere on clothing.
  • Tank top straps should not be thinner than two-finger’s width apart.
  • Closed-toed shoes must be worn.
  • Shorts or leggings must be worn under skirts and dresses.
  • If you are not dressed according to the day’s theme please come to school in your school uniform (these are not free-dress days).